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Collection of some of useful romantic love tips that can help to to impress your beloved

An app that offers you some really good love tips,one liners that can help you if you going to express your love to someone,

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1)Have not been able to give much of your time to your loved one recently, then cancel a couple of appointments and spend time with her doing something she enjoys 2)Pamper your loved one by gifting her with a spa gift voucher or a day pass at the spa and spend some quality time together at the spa. 3)Cuddling and caressing your loved one helps release feel good chemicals that will make her feel even more special and loved. 4)If you know she is resting at home or working hard at something, dont disturb her just because you yourself are bored and dont go seeking for attention. 5)You know you are better at some things than she is. So if there are a few things you are good at like fixing her car or speeding up her laptop, do it for her. 6)Your loved ones been sulking for a while and giving you the cold shoulder, send her a link to a romantic song and tell her that how the song reminds you of her. 7)Look straight into the eyes of your loved one and profess your love for her. Dont stare hard, give her that soft look and there will be magic. 8)Listen to his point of view before arguing back or cutting across him. Its the easiest way to prevent tempers from rising. 9)Never ever take your loved one for granted. Being careless on this front, is an open invitation to arguments and possible love affairs. 10)Stand by your loved ones side during rough times and give her your shoulder to lean onto. Do not ridicule or put her down but give her your full support. 11)Make your loved one feel cared for and protected. For instance, walk her to her car or call her to make sure she has reached home. She will draw closer to you. 12)Even if your loved one is making silly conversation and you are getting bored, dont display your emotions rather give her a tight hug and make her feel loved. 13)Always put the needs of your loved one before yours even if it means picking the restaurant to dine at or choosing a movie to catch. 14)If you notice that your loved one is struggling to keep herself motivated to do something, help her out and work towards the goal together and reassure her. 15)Before heading home, stop on your way to meet her. Pick up a small something like flowers or even a silly something - a great way to make her feel more loved.