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Sms #txtchat to start chatting

One time registration:
Sms-> #txtchat USERNAME
Eg: #txtchat manjesh

To chat sms:
#txtchat Your msg
Eg: #txtchat Hello..
Eg: #txtchat Good morning.

To check your profile sms:

To report on someone sms:
#txtchat.report USERNAME,MSG

where USERNAME is the username of a user you want to report.

Eg:#txtchat.report manjesh,Continuous spamming on the chat block him :p

This msg will be sent me admin, if its reasonable then that person will be blocked :)

The number of times you use #txtchat will be added as your points..
Your points will be used to provide you extra options.
Eg: If you have points 1000 then you can view all users and their points.
Like this if you have more and more points you will have many options like clear chats,block someone,unblock someone,view reports of others etc.. :D

SMS #txtchat to 55444 to start chatting now

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