txtBrowser on Nepal Telecom, Nepal

txtBrowser is happy to provide SMS search services on Nepal Telecom in Nepal. txtBrowser is known as Internet SMS on Nepal Telecom. You can access Internet SMS on Nepal Telecom over the short code 39191.

How to use EasySearch?

You can use Internet SMS by sending the message at 39191. But before sending the query you need to subscribe the service. To subscribe, type StartSearch and send it to 39191. After subscribing the service, you can send your query by sending the message on the given short code.

For Example:

If you want to know about Adolf Hitler, please type Adolf Hitler and send it to 39191. Shortly, you will receive a response containing information about Adolf Hitler. Each message is provided with related options to allow users to access more content. When you reply with the relevant option number, you will receive the related information.

How much will I be charged?

You will be charged on weekly basis. That is you will be charged Rs 5+tax weekly and you will be getting free 50 queries for it. If you happen to finish provided queries, you can Top Up 20 queries more at Rs 2+tax. You need to finish the top up queries before the renew date of the subscription otherwise it will not be valid.

Product NameTo subscribeTo UnsubscribeSubscription Charge per weekMessage on short code charge or tariffRemarks
Internet SMSStartSearch and send it to 39191Stop and send it to 39191Rs 5+tax with 50 queries0-
To Top UpCharge for next renew dateMessage on short code charge or tariff
Type Top1 and send it to 39191Rs 2+tax with 20 queries0

I need more information:

For more information, feel free to write to us at developers@txtbrowser.com