SMS Gyan on Airtel

txtBrowser is happy to provide SMS search services on Airtel. txtBrowser is known as SMS Gyan on Airtel. You can access SMS Gyan on Airtel over the short code 26300.

How to use EasySearch?

You can use SMS Gyan by sending in your query to 26300. For Example: SMS “Who is Adolf Hitler” to 26300. For more usage examples,click here.

How much will I be charged?

SMS Gyan can be accessed on a pay per use model as well as subscription model on Airtel.

  • Pay Per Use: On the pay per use model, users will be charged at TK 0.575 per query
  • Subscription: SMS Gyan offers single usage subscription packs
    1. TK 2.30 per Day: Users can activate the Tk 2.30 subscription pack by the following methods
      • SMS: Send “Start Search” to 26300
      • USSD: Dial *263*1*1#
    2. Tk 1.15 for Top Up: Users can get Top up 10 FREE Queries @ Tk 1.15.
      • SMS: Send “Top 1” to 26300
      • USSD: Dial *263*1*2#

I need more information:

For more information, feel free to write to us at